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Women are only fertile a few days out of each month. The common perception that the fertile window falls between days 10- 17 of a woman's cycle is often incorrect (2). Research shows that 87% of women trying to conceive each year are unable to correctly identify their fertile window (1). Our mission is to offer women the tools, knowledge and support to understand how their fertility works, take ownership of their reproductive health, and meet their fertility goals.



The current options for women to find their fertile window are often inaccurate, cumbersome, and costly.

Priya is currently under development to help women effortlessly pinpoint their fertile window. When Priya is available, women will simply insert the Priya Ring on the last day of their period, and Priya begins tracking temperature every 6 minutes. The temperature data is then transferred to your smartphone in the Priya app. When an important change in temperature happens, indicating ovulation is coming, you receive an alert on your Priya App.



Kindara is a hardware + software fertility platform founded in 2010 that has had over 1.5 million lifetime downloads and has helped over 150, 000 couples conceive. Kindara is used by women interested in managing their fertility to achieve pregnancy or avoid pregnancy using Fertility Awareness Based Methods. Additional uses include women who wish to learn more about their health or simply track their cycles. Prima-Temp acquired Kindara in August 2018 to expand their fertility product offering.

Kindara’s fertility app pairs with Wink by Kindara, a Bluetooth-connected thermometer that helps seamlessly track fertility data with greater ease and accuracy. The app, in addition to being a comprehensive fertility charting tool, is also a robust social platform in which over women interested in the fertility awareness method can create groups and share information with each other or practitioners.