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Women are only fertile a few days out of each month. The common perception that the fertile window falls between days 10- 17 of a woman's cycle is often incorrect (2). Research shows that 87% of women trying to conceive each year are unable to correctly identify their fertile window (1). 



The current options for women to find their fertile window are often inaccurate, cumbersome and do not work for irregular cycles.

Priya continously measures core body temeprature and sends an alert to her smart phone when she is most fertile. Priya allows women to pinpoint their individual fertile window with the highest degree of accuracy and without changing any of their daily habits.

Priya will be available in 2017. Please see below to learn more.  


Sepsis is responsible for more deaths than cancers, strokes and heart attacks. For every hour delay in treatment, there is a 7.6% increase in mortality. Early infection detection has the potential to save millions of lives and reduce the $24 billion cost of sepsis to US healthcare (3).

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Currently nursing staff takes MANUAL temps every 4-8hrs, which puts patient lives at risk. 

PT-Sensor continously and wirelessly measures core body temperature. By capturing real-time temperature readings every five minutes, 24/7, the patented PT-Sensor can detect sensitive temperature changes that will save lives.  

The PT-Sensor is for hospital and home monitoring. 



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The Power of Continuous Core Temperature to Change the Future of Health  

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