Prima-Temp Announces New Team and New International Initiative

Public. | February 27, 2018

"As we gear up to launch the revolutionary PRIYA fertility system this year internationally with our top tier partner, Gedeon Richter, we are bringing on a strong operational team led by our new Vice President of Operations, Carrie Kellman, recently of Kindara. Lauren Costantini, our former CEO will remain on our Board of Directors, so we will continue to benefit from her experience and expertise," Alene Campbell, CEO Prima-Temp

Richter Announces The Acquisition Of A Minority Equity Stake In Prima-Temp And A Related Licensing Agreement

Public. | October 31, 2017

We are delighted to have one of the premier women's health organizations as our new partner, Gedeon Richter. This exciting strategic development will allow Prima-Temp to bring Priya to many more women in need.

Tech Tuesday: Prima-Temp

9 News | July 25, 2017

"It's easy to overuse words like 'revolutionary', but this is really pretty revolutionary." - Scott Yates 9 News Tech Expert


LIVESTRONG | November 1, 2016

"By using advanced technology, Priya signals two days prior to ovulation and helps couples conceive by pinpointing "the conception window. This prevents couples from having expensive testing, difficult procedures and needless frustration."

3 Ways to Disrupt Traditional Practices in Women's Health

Inc. | September 23, 2017 

"Dr. Lauren Costantini shares how to surpass the stigma that women's health is a "niche" market and build a business that benefits half the population."

These High-Tech Vaginal Rings Give You Fertility Info & More

Refinery 29 | October 2, 2015

"This is helpful if you're wondering about your fertility, which usually requires faithfully monitoring your basal temperature every day, along with several other bodily clues. So, being able to get those measurements this easily is a pretty appealing idea."

The Quantified Self: How Wearable Sensors Expand Human Potential

TedxTalk by Lauren Costantini  |  Sept. 29, 2014

Disclaimer: The Priya Sensor is currently in development and not yet available for sale. Please see Priya website for more information.